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Chartered in 1650

Known formally as the President and Fellows of Harvard College, the Harvard Corporation is the oldest corporation in the Western Hemisphere.


The following are the current members of the Harvard Corporation.

Claudine Gay, President
BA ’92, Stanford
PhD ’98, Harvard

Timothy R. Barakett
Fellow (2019-2023)
Treasurer (began service in 2023)
AB ’87, MBA ’93, Harvard

Kenneth I. Chenault
Fellow (began service in 2014)
BA ’73, Bowdoin
JD ’76, Harvard

Mariano-Florentino (Tino) Cuéllar
Fellow (began service in 2019)
AB ’93, Harvard
JD ’97, Yale
AM ’96, PhD ’00, Stanford

Paul J. Finnegan
Fellow (began service in 2012)
Former Treasurer (2014-2023)
AB ’75, MBA ’82, Harvard

Biddy Martin
Fellow (began service in 2018)
BA ’73, College of William and Mary
MA ’74, Middlebury College
PhD ’85, U. of Wisconsin, Madison

Karen Gordon Mills
Fellow (began service in 2014)
AB ’75, MBA ’77, Harvard

Diana L. Nelson
Fellow (began service in 2020)
AB ’84, Harvard
MM ’89, Northwestern

Penny Pritzker
Fellow (began service in 2018)
Senior Fellow (began service in 2022)
AB ’81, Harvard
JD ’85, MBA ’85, Stanford

Tracy Pun Palandjian
Fellow (began service in 2022)
AB ’93, Harvard
MBA ’97, Harvard

Shirley M. 届毕业生
Fellow (began service in 2016)
BSc ’68, Queen’s U.
PhD ’75, Temple U.
LLD (hon.) ’04, Harvard

Theodore V. Wells, Jr.
Fellow (began service in 2013)
BA ’72, Holy Cross
JD ’76, MBA ‘76, Harvard